To Receive the Best. You Have to Be the Best.


…….I Have Declared I’m Taking Control of My Life.

We can’t control others, change peoples thoughts or perceptions , or how they feel about us or anything.


We are in control of OUR feelings, attitudes, energy, who we allow to stay in our lives… Any & Everything involving YOU.

I realized I was putting myself in toxic relationships. No one to blame but me. It’s amazing how we can convince ourselves to do what we don’t want to or accept what we know we don’t deserve.

When I say toxic, I do not mean I was abused in anyway by the individual but I was in something that was nothing and going nowhere and I knew this At Hello. When someone tells you what they want, Believe Them the First Time. 

Outside of relationships… Self Control is apart of every aspect of our lives. If you Want Better , Do Better!

Right in this moment, ask your selfDo I have self control ? Do I treat myself the best? Am I putting my best foot forward? Do the people & things around me exude or promote being their BEST !?

I have moments when I feel unhappy, uninspired or have low energy… sometimes all at once! And the only reason why I feel that way is because I allow it.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL!… Want happiness? Tell yourself your happy & You’ll be Happy!  Your words and thoughts are so powerful. They can make you or break you.

You want the BEST in your life? … You already have it! It’s inside of you and starts with you… Claim what’s already yours!

Email me at,  if you have any questions or need advice.

xo , A Fellow Sunflower

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  1. leonda brown says:

    Greatly Expressed….You have purpose


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