The Beauty of Networking


You know I love a good event , good opportunity , and good company! 

Before social media … there was the cocktail party, gala, mixer, ball, premiere… And that was the only way to meet and mingle.  

As of late I have been branching out and attending various networking opportunities. These events vary from career development workshops to “happy hour” networking mixers. You really have to venture out beyond your workplace and place of residence if you want to connect with NEW people.

Relationships are very important. God is a relational God and there is plenty of scripture that shows the importance… Read Ecclesiastes 4:8-12.

It’s a great feeling to have connections near & far, young & old, of different backgrounds, social class, ethnicity, beliefs, and careers. Through networking you can not only make lifetime connections, business partners, & friends, but you may meet that special someone ❤ 

Also this is how I see it , as a twenty something we spend most of our time at work with people of a different generation… It’s nice to get out and meet people in our age range. Nonetheless through networking you meet people that could become mentors, mentees, & accountability partners.

And believe me… once you attend one networking event, you won’t stop! I promise, you will be informed of another event to attend & you probably will.


  • Search events a month ahead of time on sites like Eventbrite and Meetup . People share events on Linkedin & Facebook as well.
  • Come prepared with business cards! Makes yours on Vistaprint, Staples, or Officemax.
  • Be prompt and dress accordingly. Some events are very strict about time of arrival and dress code.
  • Invite friends but don’t be afraid to go solo. Sometimes you network better on your own!
  • Make eye contact, introduce yourself, compliment, and exchange cards.
  • Use social media to your advantage and actually network ! Connect with people you’ve meet at events or that are miles away! Who knows what will come out of the connection. Be bold, tweet them or shoot them a message.


Please email me at if you have any questions or need any advice!

XO, A fellow Sunflower

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