Love & other Drugs



Love is a hell of a drug or so I’ve heard. 

I’ve never been in love, so I don’t understand the feeling but I have an idea. Last year I made a promise to myself, a sort of commitment until commitment from that special someone (whoever you are!?). To all my singles out there, I know for sure that your special someone is being prepared for you. He or She is being molded and blossoming. God picked him/her especially for you. In the meantime prepare yourself, don’t worry yourself too much, have fun, go to events, date, but protect yourself & your heart.

FIRST, DATE YOURSELF. Know yourself, figure out where your going, and what you need. Do you know your personality/ character ? Take this test, it’s very insightful : 16 Personalities Test.

DON’T WAIT ON “THE ONE” TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. Go and do the things you want to do NOW, by yourself. You want to try a restaurant ?  Go to a paint night? Road trip ? Do it girl ! Go for it ! There’s no rule that you have to try new things on a date or with a significant other. Plus when you roll solo you will increase the chances of meeting someone while you are out and guess what !? you will have something in common already.

SO, YOU’VE MET SOMEONE. Focus on being friends FIRST. Truly learn about them. Don’t tell your family & friends too much until you know how you feel about them & you see a progression. But be safe, first dates should be in public and send someone your location. Also realize that your morals and spirituality have to be equally yoked to work out, you can’t change anyone or force them to believe what you believe. Also you don’t want someone fronting like they agree/believe and they really don’t. It will eventually come out and it more than likely won’t work out. Do you know about the 5 Love Languages ?, take the test … Figure out your results & have your significant other take it too! You will realize how you want to be loved. It’s awesome.

—-A Poem by my friend, Jasmine Jackson. Sorry if it offends anyone but it was perfect for this post. —-


Have you ever fallen in love with… yourself ? 

With your mind, your soul, your essence, and all that is you. 

And penetrated the depths of that love while stroking the flesh of golden good lawd! 

Strokes sustain til muscles clench like heart strings and you realize that you , yourself made you come. 

Come in LOVE, come in LIGHT, come in HONOR. Damn boo, LOVE looks good on you. In you. Within you. You have Power… Have you ever fallen in love ? 

Please email me at if you have any questions or need any advice!

XO, A fellow Sunflower


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