The greatest advice I got in high school was “FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT”. We were preparing for our AP exams and our teacher was emphasizing that it is better to make an effort and write something when you are unsure  rather than to not answer at all.

This same theory came up in college when my professor would tell us “YOU ARE ALREADY THAT” business woman or whatever you wanted to pursue. Basically emphasizing that you have to carry yourself like it’s already your job title.

What I got from both of these instances is that you have to believe you are and you will be. If I want to be a professional , I have to carry myself like a professional already, even if the current job I have isn’t classified as professional.

You can’t fake confidence though. If you don’t have that to begin with , it will be difficult to “fake it, til you make it”. Some ways you become more confident are conquering small challenges first (celebrating each win!!) and not comparing someones wins as your losses. 


Okay so you’ve made it! Your in the professional world & caught in the hustle and bustle. Don’t forget you are still in your twenties. You still have to have fun!

Always keep a balance of work and play. Not too much or less of either. Also make time to become more cultured, artistic, volunteer/mentor, financially adept, and RELAX.

You can’t be on the go all the time. We have to have days when time doesn’t matter, we eat/drink good, and just take in the moment. Because believe me life is too precious not to.

Please email me at if you have any questions or need any advice!

XO, A fellow Sunflower



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  1. Bria says:

    This was a great read, and offered me confirmation. Thanks for sharing your gift and being a vessel for light!


  2. Taniqua says:

    🙂 I love this post. . very inspiring. Sometimes we forget how much influence we truly have on our lives and day-to-day outcomes. That’s why it is so important to have a reminder every now and then.


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