Why Rain Brings Flowers


The Rain. 

I’ve been rained on for a while now. The past 2 years or so have been filled with a lot of uncertainties, unfulfillment, disappointments, and closed & sealed shut doors. Nonetheless I have a longer list of things I am grateful for, the things that have been lacking are at the forefront of my life right now. The rain, although challenging and  a very down time, comes to make you stronger. Just like water nourishes plants to grow, the rain is doing the same for you. So dance in the rain instead of sulking in it.

Flower Power.

Rain will come and go and come again. But what remains is the flowers that come from it! The flowers are the many lessons and successes that come from the rain. And the flowers make it easier when the rain comes around. Also, there is power in the flowers! You have to attract what you want. I’ve been reading and studying the law of attraction and your strongest thoughts /vibes, will come to you over and over again. So decide if you want to attract more rain or flowers?

Dance Until the Flowers Come.

I’m still going through some rain and these are some TIPS on how to dance while you wait:

  • Be grateful everyday. Thank God & write it down
  • Write down what you want and put in the work
  • Point out what your learning from the circumstance
  • Don’t let your circumstance change you, its so temporary!
  • You are stronger than you think, God wouldn’t put you through this for nothing, there’s purpose in the pain 
  • Positive thinking and keep positive people around you
  • Everyday do something that will get you closer to you purpose

p.s.- Who’s been watching “Dear White People”? Loved it! Please watch, its on Netflix!

Please email me at sunflowerinthemiddle@gmail.com if you have any questions or need any advice!

Keep Blooming,

A fellow Sunflower

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