Petals of Wisdom: Interview with Ginger of CDF Skincare



  1. How old are you and what is one word that describes this age /time of your life?

I’m 36 and I would describe this time in my life as eye opening, and ground shaking.

2.How have you bloomed? What is the biggest change you’ve made in your 20’s so far?

I’ve bloomed by allowing my pain to fuel me, to create the life that I truly desire. In my 20’s the biggest change I’ve made was studying 3 majors, thus giving myself lots of options for my future.

3. Who or what inspired you to start CDF Skincare?

 I’ve always wanted to be in business.  When I was about 12 I remembered telling my mother that I would run her business one day. Pair those words with struggling with acne for some time and growing up on an island filled with natural beauty all around, it was meant.

4.How long have you been in business and what is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

 I’ve been in business for about 6 years and the one advice I would tell my aspiring passion-filled entrepreneurs is: Know your why. Why are you in this business? Why are you providing this/these services or products?  There are days you will feel defeated and filled with fear, ignore this and pull out your why.  Your why will push you. 

5.What is your favorite skincare tip and favorite product you make?

My holy grain skin care tip is to wear sun screen no matter your shade. It’s the one problem I see with my brown beauties wanting to clear up their acne dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  The sun will always darken them.  One of my favorite products to make after all these years would be my Aloes Nourish Me Bar. 

6.How do you keep up the momentum of going after your dreams?

I must visit my home in the Caribbean.  I must have my support system – my family and best friend.  These two things keep me going after my dreams. 

7. Best relationship (romantic, family, or friend) lesson you’ve learned so far?

The best relationship lesson I’ve learned so far is there’s so much love inside of you.  It’s never depleted, even when you think it is.

8.Greatest advice you have received in your 20’s?

Greatest advice came from my mom. In my 20’s she advised that I should always accomplish one important thing a year.  If I’m able to do more, do more. 

9.Currently, what is your biggest hurdle & how do you plan to overcome it?

My biggest hurdle is really stepping out of my introvert zone and reveal those parts of me that I consider extroverted. 

10. How does a sunflower/twenty something make it out the middle or embrace being in their twenties?

Oh my twenty-something darlings.  Being in your twenties is never the end of the road.  It is said that you should grow up and not have fun – uh, be as silly and playful as often as you can. Fill your heart with everything that lights your fire.  


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  1. Karen Marshall says:

    Great interview! Thank you for sharing!

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