We’re All Nola Darling and Here’s Why ?


I’m not even quite sure that Nola knows who she is. But wait… have you watched the new Netflix series ” She’s Gotta Have It”? You probably have your own opinion on who Nola is. To me she is a “woke” twenty something that is #goals in so many ways, except the 3 men rotation, I couldn’t pull that off ! Anyway she is an artist, she lives by herself, she’s pro-black, pro-feminist, independent, a hustler, and unapologetic. But is fulfilled and truly happy? That is the question on all of our minds. She has this tough exterior sometimes that makes us feel like she’s got it all together but just as every twenty something I know, we don’t , no matter how hard we try to front.


Nola has been called every name in the book on the show and in reviews. As women we’ve all been called every name but our own… CRAZY is one of my personal favorites (NOT! haha). Nola is doing what a lot of men and women do, sleep with who they want when they want… sexual freedom. At least she sticks with the same 3… well 4. The average person has slept with multiple people only once and never sees them again. Nola admires and feels connected to each of her lovers and I’m not mad at her for that. At least they’re aware that they’re not the only one. But when they all make an effort to be more than a lover to Nola, she shuts it down quick. Why she does this ? Maybe she wants to get to her goals and work on herself completely before deciding to settle down with anyone.


Overall I loved the series and even watched the original movie which was Spike Lee’s first film, BUT  there are some things that Nola did that were straight grimy! She wasn’t the best friend… she’s dealing with her friend’s ex, crush or past lover, not cool. Girl Code ladies! Never deal with your friends past. Also her other friend who ends up getting butt injections (shes perfect the way she was), she isn’t supportive enough to her, maybe she wouldn’t have got them if she was there for her more or reaffirmed her that she is beautiful the way she is instead of just was like nah girl don’t do that. Also Nola messed it with being to late to spend time with Opal’s daughter. Hey, sometimes it takes something drastic to make you realize you need to get it together and stop being so damn selfish.

Can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for Nola and the gang, in the meantime, watch all these actors Spike put on the map start popping up in stuff. AND stop comparing this to Insecure ! It is its on masterpiece!


Please email me at sunflowerinthemiddle@gmail.com if you have any questions or need any advice!

Peace & Light
XO, A fellow Sunflower


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