What 25 and 2017 Taught Me : Bloom Where Planted !



Happy New Year!!! & on this day , January 15th , I was born! January starts off a new year and new age for me and let me tell you , its been a competition. The New Year is praised by everyone while a New Age comes with “Your getting Old”. For these 26 years I’ve seen it as a blessing and extra push to follow through on my wishes, goals, and year to-do list. 25 and 2017 brought me so many gems. The greatest one was learning what “Bloom Where Planted” truly means. I’ll be honest I used to hate seeing this saying, I was like why the hell do I want to bloom where I don’t want to be !? But this past year made me realize the meaning. Here’s the analogy I came up with that explains it : Imagine your a seed in a pot at a flower nursery, no one is going to take you home without seeing you in full bloom. Once you have bloomed you will be taken home. Once you learn everything that you can & grow all you can grow , you will be taken to the next level/next place! So now that I realize this …. where I’m at in some parts of my life aren’t exactly where I want to be right now but its where I have to be so I can learn and bloom and then I’ll be taken to the next level.


What a year! 2017 was my transition from contentment to fired up! I busted out of my small room at my parents house to getting my own place! This was a major move for me. I lived with them since graduation from college in 2014…. so 3 years ! The first year : I knew it was so I could save, second year: I was unemployed for 6 months, third year: I was getting my savings back up but got to the point of depression because of so many reasons, especially my hour and half commute to work each day. Looking back I should have been proud of myself for getting creative during that time. I would get home at 10pm sometimes and had to get up at 6am! But God!!!!! I pushed through and it pushed me to mature and move out on my own. My greatest accomplishment of 2017 was getting my own place and setting boundaries. I used to stay hours after work on top of the long commute. I now give myself a boundary of no longer than 30 minutes that I will stay past work. And more times than few, I leave right on time. I happy and I know that I’ve bloomed… something new soon to come!


When you turn a new age, you don’t lose the ages you were before. They’re all rolled up inside of you and each has built you up to this very moment. And at 26 I’m still being told I’m a baby so I’m confused but the baby in me loves it while the teen in me is like NO I’m Grown! and the 26 year old me is like girl just take it day by day.

Lessons from 25

  • People will do what they want to. Yes, you have to express what you want or prefer but leave it at that.
  • Create what you want. You want flowers, buy or grow them yourself.
  • When it gets the very worst, your breakthrough is on its way
  • Set boundaries in everything you do
  • You are what you speak! Law of Attraction !
  • Health Matters! Fresh food and being active matters !
  • Stop judging and assuming
  • Watch your mouth! How you speak to people sticks with them
  • Put yourself in settings different outside of your tribe (friends & family)
  • Ask yourself why as often as possible! Delve into why you respond the way you do to certain things

Launch ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!! : Visit my side chick to this blog. I will cover self care and mental health care on and off the clock! Can’t Wait! First Post on that coming soon. CLICK HERE!

Peace & Light
XO, A fellow Sunflower


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