Sunflower Firsts – Entry #1



So I decided to start a separate series of posts outside of my random twenty something rants. Let’s be real, no one applauds first times once your a grown up. When we were young, there was the first word, step, day of school, award, boyfriend, drivers license , etc.  But as soon as your officially grown you feel behind more than not. Even in my own experience I felt behind not having my own place like my friends and when I finally got my own place I don’t think I was as excited as I would have been if I didn’t have these previous notions.  Why don’t we praise and celebrate firsts in our twenty somethings? I’ve been watching Grownish (loveeeee it) and it reminds me of the beauty of college days when there was so many firsts for me. Since graduation the excitement about firsts came to a halt. BUT firsts keep coming and won’t stop, especially since you should be trying new things all the time.  So I want to claim that energy back ! Firsts will delve into some of my first experiences with anything under the sun!



I moved into my first place July 2017, exactly 8 months ago and I’m still so proud of myself. After graduation from college in 2014, I lived with my parents for 3 years and it was a lonnnnngggg 3 years. I felt so claustrophobic  in the small room I was living in. In the beginning it was all good, I knew I was saving up to move out but time flies and before I knew it , it was year 3. Looking back I definitely wasn’t pushing myself to move out but also don’t think I was mature enough.

My decision to live without a roommate, especially the first year was the best decision. This time alone has really been a special time of reflection and growth. I truly believe that my place found me because it was in the area I felt I belonged and everything lined up perfectly. They were doing so many deals when I came in : I can afford my rent, they waived all application fees, and I received a year of free reserved parking! Lord knows I needed that because I get home late and parking is trash. Preparing for a new place in a few months there are things I learned that I will definitely make sure I have going forward.

  • Washer/Dryer in unit
  • Larger kitchen & bathroom
  • Less floors
  • Utilities based on usage, not shared!

Everyday I’m grateful to be able to have my own place and its really been a blessing in so many ways. My greatest takeaways so far have been truly making my space my place of solitude and clarity so I do not let just anyone and especially guys/dates in my house without knowing them for a while …make people gain access/set boundaries. I realized suck at health and cooking related tasks…. so I’m working on this. I get too comfortable being alone and at home, you can hinder yourself from being social and meeting new people …. yeahhhh this has been me and I have to stop and find that balance. I will definitely will be touching on this first again, so there will be more takeaways to come.

PS – I work in the apartment/property management industry so please let me know if your looking ,  I can help if you, especially if you live in the DMV area!

Peace & Light
XO, A fellow Sunflower

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