Sunflower Firsts – Entry #2


I’m back Sunflowers! I took a much needed month break from the blog to just focus on what’s next for me. I’m back, right in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, pumped up and excited about what is store for my life, the blog, and beyond !


I’ve really never had a reason to take a break from social media. I understood why people did it but I wasn’t that person. I knew most people took a break for either lent or because they found themselves comparing their lives or feeling distracted. But like I said, that was not me. Never say never! I found myself not totally comparing but more consumed in the lives of my favorite socialites or self care teachers and people I know too. I knew more about what was going on in their life than my own. I looked forward to seeing their Instagram story more than I was excited about my own life story. I also found myself posting Instagram stories more frequently highlighting moments that weren’t even me. I was not being true to myself but when things are progressively going it is hard to catch yourself until you crash.

Things changed fast and everything came to a screeching halt. I gave myself a month of Instagram freedom and must I say , it was the best thing ever.

What I Learned While Being off Instagram :

  • I became more mindful. I was able to ask myself what I wanted
  • I was able to live in the moment without grabbing my phone to share with everyone
  • You see other people on their phones all the time and they actually look silly
  • I lived on my own terms and did not feel like I had to look a certain way
  • No distractions
  • I revisited Twitter and realized how much I actually like it , its less fluff and more of a conversation. I actually have made some great like minded connections
  • When I told friends & my Twitter peeps that I was taking a Instagram break, I got such good responses and they opened up about their breaks they’ve taken as well

Moral of the story ….

Take a break when you need it ! Your Mental Health Matters!  You don’t have to explain to anyone. Just do it. It can be from all or one social media, a group chat , an organization, an opportunity, an acquaintance or friend. Set boundaries and do what’s best for you. And if anyone has a problem with it, they can get the BOOT !


A Fellow Sunflower

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