True Life : In 2018 I Was Buried


If I had to choose a word to describe 2018 it would be buried. This year I have been buried physically and mentally , let me explain. I have lived on my own for going on 2 years. It is one of the best experiences I have made but it comes with challenges as well. We all can get buried in our thoughts and 2018 I felt that way almost everyday.  Things had gotten so routine with work and being so focused on figuring out what I want out of life, I did not make room to make connections and new relationships. I found myself alone , especially since my closest friends live hours and some, states away. It can be difficult making new friends as an adult so instead I took on another job. It got my mind off not having plans or my doubts. So I buried myself in more work. It took a toll on me and I had to give it up. Through my new found alone time I found solitude and peace AND it gave me the courage to extend the reach of my blog. I realized you do not have to always be out and about. (Plus I saved soooo much money). I also found myself having mini break downs. The enemy wants to see us have break downs and make us feel like everything is failing. This is where you BREATH. I learned to breath though each area of my life and it calmed my anxiety. Another major part of 2018 is I  felt that I did not make an impact. During my alone time I was able reflect on where I do make an impact in different areas of my life and correct myself. I am thankful for my 2018 self for learning grace and solitude.


Yall I’m EXCITED for 2019 ! Thanks to 2018 me , 2019 me is going to be blooming all year. Here are a few of my 2019 plans and passions :

  • Be PUNCTUAL , my tardiness is my greatest weakness and has ruined a great part of my life
  • The First Sunflower Retreat is in February !!!!
  • Sunflower Social events and community involvement
  • HR Certificate
  • NEW experiences in career, relationships, travel
  • Continue to make an IMPACT
  • Find PASSION and Surround myself with Passionate people
  • Dig into God’s word and prioritize my health
  • Continue to be authentic, transparent, and selfless
  • Believe in myself and fall in love with myself

P.S. – Are you following my new Instagram : sunflowersocial, It’s the official community for the blog. Check it out ! I’m looking forward to what is in store for 2019. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT.

Happy New Year

XO, A Fellow Sunflower J.

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