“She’s being molded by her thoughts, choices, & surroundings. She’s being molded by her aura, which radiates from her & reflects back into her. She’s being molded by somewhere between inner child and outer woman. She is evolving” …


I was inspired to create this blog by the poem I wrote above. I wanted to do something different than the beauty , fashion, & natural hair blogs. I wanted to tap into what epitomizes a woman. Life has many  transitional moments and you often find yourself “in the middle” (Shoutout to Malcom!). The song “Beautiful Flower” by India Arie has always been so empowering to me and inspired the “sunflower” theme of the blog. Sunflowers are beautiful, tall, always facing the sun , & represent faith.T


  • To cultivate community and build a social organization
  • To promote other social organizations, passion projects, & businesses
  • To discuss : Lifestyle & Image, Empowerment, Relationships, Self Care/Development, Career, Interviews, Events, and First Time Experiences

Connect with me…

Email: sunflowerinthemiddle@gmail.com

Twitter: @sunflowersspeak

Instagram : sunflowersocial

Facebook: sunflowerinthemiddle

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  1. Do you live in the DMV area?


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