I’m twenty-seven & I call myself a community cultivator. I’m taking each day one step at a time and experiencing many FIRSTS. My motto is : Stay Ready, So you don’t have to Get Ready. I graduated from George Mason University in 2014 & ever since I’ve been on this “journey of finding” ; to find my purpose ,to find my “dream” job, to find networking opportunities, to find friends in the area, to find fun, to find adventure, for a guy that has his s%! together to find me, to find the confidence inside of me to embrace every part of me.

Welcome to My Sunflower Life:

  • Your favorite HR lady
  • Live solo
  • Communication degree
  • Single gal
  • Old school / r&b/ neo soul music enthusiast/ frequent concert goer
  • Traveling somewhere
  • Minimalist (My Version)
  • Needs swimming lessons
  • YouTube/Podcast/ TED talk junkie
  • Love pampering myself

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